Three Mistakes Speakers Make – #2. . . .

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 medicine shutterstock_145072465 “Call In Sick!”

As a college and university professor who has heard 1000’s of presentations, ranging from debates, oral interpretations, dramatic readings and of course the infamous “Public Speaking 101, I have heard my share of uninspiring presentations and dull speeches.

There is one dynamic that seems to run through the “worst of them” and which also operates when encountering the best of the best of them.  When a speaker has been effective, they have also been PASSIONATE!

PASSION can cover a multitude of sins!

Thes articles have focused a lot on rhetorical techniques.  There are a good number of rhetorical methods which can be quantified and serve as a pattern for adding to the “rhetorical toolbox.”

However, in the end, many a weakness can be ignored when there is passion.  The speaker has to “show up and be present” when it comes to being effective in public speaking!


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