Black on Black Crime, The Truth

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BlackOnBlackDear Uneducated White People and Black People who say if black lives mattered what about black on black crime?

Well the truth is all crime is intraracial and as much as it’s “black on black” crime there is a staggering amount of white on white crime. Since “black on black” crime is your big issue uneducated White American and uninformed Black American. Black on black crime wouldn’t exist if redlining didn’t exist, which was created by white people to curtail us from living in certain neighborhood and thus bottlenecking us into low income neighborhoods, projects, and ghettos. Not only that, but poorly ran and operated school systems, food deserts, and little to none job opportunities.

If you are lost on what the BLM movement does. The Black Lives Matter is an organization focused on the deaths that take place in the interactions between cops and people of color. If your…

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