Theonomy and Social Justice — The Aquila Report

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Evangelical social justice warriors are trying to deal with the issues raised by modern culture wars.  Social justice warriors perceive that something has been missing in the Evangelical and Reformed churches.  The church got the gospel right, but something was deficient.  That which was missing was the application of the Law of God to all of life. Social gospel warriors are now dealing with the results of this failure.  Theonomy has been dealing with this for years. 

One of the old country-music songs goes “I was country before country was cool.”  It could be said that theonomists believed in social justice long before social justice was cool.  The Church is beginning to wake-up, sadly, not out of obedience to God’s Law, but out of a sense of guilt as they react to the culture wars in our nation.  Culpability has finally overwhelmed the social justice warriors, and they are responding…

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