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Peace everybody,

Peace B. Steele, is a blog and brand dedicated to providing an objective prospective on the life and the world as I see it. My goal is to inspire and unite while instilling peace in perilous times…#speakTruth




We currently live in times where media has begin to lose it’s substance and valor. In this age of information, the exchange of content and quality of ideas and information has somewhat taken a backseat to catchy headlines, tabloid scandals, conspiracy theories, opinion based commentary. This ball of confusion has lead many to distrust media and instead turn to social outlets. At times, it can almost be said that the fast paced world of social media has crippled journalist and in ways our world as we society as a whole. #anarchy



Blessed are the peacemakers 🙏



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Peace and blessings be upon you,

Brand Steele – owner, writer, editor