🍾🥂 It’s Our Anniversary!!


Peace and blessings all. I am writing you all today to let you know our site and blog is now officially one year old! That’s right we made it, we survived.

Clarity Peace Serenity

Peace B Steele™️

I am so excited to have made it to this milestone however the best it yet to come. The previous year was a pilot season. It allowed me the opportunity to explore and develop my own site and blog, independently and organically.

Peace B Steele ™️

Moreover, I am proud to say that I have learned a lot about myself during this journey. My initial thoughts and the reality of blogging were quite different than I expected. Things that I believed to be my passions ended up not being so essential or interesting, causing me at times to neglect the site even. My original purpose was to share my strengths, contrarily, I learned some of my weaknesses. Through it all, I am humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude.

Lastly, I am excited and pleased to say that this year, of our Lord, 2019, will be even greater than the last 🤩! This year it is my desire to include more direction, more writing, and more original content. I am making an commitment to post here more regularly. To be more interactive with my audience and to grow this platform is my priority. Also, I will be seeking collaboration from others as well.

I thank God for this opportunity and most importantly, I thank God for you all! Continue to read, like, share and subscribe here and know the best is yet to come.

May the Lord watch between me and thee while we’re absent one from another through grace Amen

Brand Steele
Peace B.Steele™️



Are There Limits to Self-Identity Language? — Discover

“When a marginalized person claims language to describe their oppressed identity, they are speaking themself into existence in a society that is trying to annihilate them.”

via Are There Limits to Self-Identity Language? — Discover

‘Hyper-masculinity’: Assault on the Man



Boys will be boys

img_20180208_224345_384Hyper-masculine, male privilege, toxic-masculinity: these are terms frequently used to attack the essence of manhood and berate men. Recently, I’ve come across tons of anti-male propaganda and talking points that falsely mischaracterize men. That being said, respectfully, I’d like to pushback on a few things in defense of men that may be implicated here.


First, on behalf of all men, males, and mankind I’d like to bring to question the whole concept of “hyper-masculinity” and it’s validity. What is hyper-masculinity? Unpacking the term, one would assume it means overly masculine or manly right? If that is so what is the defined amount of masculinity tolerable, what attributes hyper-masculinity? Also, is there a hypo-masculine counterpart, what about hyper/hypo feminine – do they exist also? Are they considered masks as well?

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Some claim that asserting masculinity is a means to survive, like a form of cloak. They view masculine attributes as a ill-fitting costume of nobility. But for most men, gay and straight alike, masculinity isn’t an act or facade rather a natural state of being. Truth is, almost all men are just fine with embracing our manhood and actually feel uncomfortable otherwise.


I’m sure the antagonist (male and female) use this attack as a cheap shot to insult men because it’s easy. To attack a man’s manhood and masculinity is a widely known way to trigger a reaction just like racial epithets and other derogatory slurs.  This is why men have, and continue to go their own way!


In conclusion, the outright assault on manhood in modern western society has become a major downfall. Extreme feminism, through propaganda has really taken the a toll on the mindsets of many and has bled over into too many factions of our life, unnecessarily. Masculinity is not quantified, toxic, or negative. It should be celebrated, not vilified, and those who exert such qualities shouldn’t have to always feel the attacked for natural attributes.

Am I wrong??

 If I'm missing something please enlighten me.